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    While designing and drafting case studies of different environments, Caruso Acoustic came up with sound-absorbing products that could resolve acoustic problems in an unconventional way.

    Taking its name from the large monolithic stones which it resembles, Menhir is a practical and clean solution in terms of its form; its adaptability makes it an excellent sound-absorbing element for low frequencies. Perfect for large environments where speech reverberation can cause confusion and chaos, Menhir sound-absorbing totems can relate to their environment, adapting to various requirements. The shorter version also comes with a cover that can serve as a shelf for resting magazines, plants or various types of furniture objects. Think of a coffee shop inside an airport: a confined space inside a very large environment where the lack of partitions makes this space acoustically uncomfortable. In this case, Menhir sound-absorbing totems could be positioned in between the tables to isolate conversations and reduce any background noise, while becoming an integral part of the furniture. Furthermore, since it is not fixed to the ground, Menhir can be moved depending on the acoustic requirements.

    The Menhir totem is available with sound-absorbing material made from Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® and a visible base made from satin stainless steel or from steel painted aluminium grey, or with an internal base made from painted steel.

    totem assorbimento acustico caruso menhir
    elemento fonoassorbente totem menhir caruso


    Effective acoustic absorption, durability and safety: Caruso sound-absorbing panels have been conceived and designed to guarantee the best acoustic absorption performance, with special emphasis on their choice of materials.

    The internal sound-absorbing material is 400mm thick and available in : Basotect® melamine resin by Basf®.

    Available in a wide range of colours, the finishing fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, while the internal sound-absorbing materials undergo repeated production checks to guarantee the highest quality and performance over time.

    The very favourable weight/surface ratio is essential for easy installation.


    1. a base made from satin stainless steel or from steel painted aluminium grey

    2. a base within made from steel painted

    3. a shelf for the 39,37″ high totem made from satin stainless steel

    particolare basamento menhir
    particolare basamento tessuto menhir
    particolare mensola acciaio menhir


    You will find a few application examples below of the Menhir sound-absorbing totem within the catering industry, in particular in bars. The practicality of these totems means they can improve acoustic comfort in crowded venues by correcting acoustic reverberation. Customers will therefore be able to talk without having to raise the tone of their voice and will not become stressed from having difficulty hearing. Menhir is particularly recommended for correcting low frequencies.

    esempio lounge bar trattamento acustico caruso acoustic


    Menhir sound-absorbing totems are available in 2 standard sizes, either 39,37″ or 78,74″. Thanks to their shape, they are practical and manoeuvrable. They can be easily moved from one room to another depending on the acoustic requirements at the time. Furthermore, thanks to their thickness, they have a high sound absorption capacity.

    Elements with special measurements can be made upon request for specific project requirements.

    Menhir floor free standing


    Conference halls, classrooms, libraries, restaurants, bars, sports arenas, gyms, businesses and offices: acoustic and lighting comfort designed by Caruso is available for every environment thanks to this product’s great versatility.


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