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    Creativity and functionality: Flag offers plenty of options for creating high-impact, dynamic volumetric effects without, however, undermining the very features of this sound-absorbing panel. By acting as a flag, the Flag panel guarantees to block the volumetric wave, minimising reverberation and making rooms acoustically comfortable.

    Flag is a double-sided sound-absorbing panel, so it is upholstered on both sides. Its versatility means it can be installed on special tracks on walls and/or ceilings, or by using adjustable cables it can be fixed at different heights from the ceiling, thereby giving you the option of creating original and creative solutions.

    The Flag panel is available with two types of sound-absorbing material: Flag M with Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® and Flag W with Whisper® material by Stratocell®.

    sound absorbing panels ceiling flag caruso
    trattamento riverbero acustico caruso flag


    Effective acoustic absorption, durability and safety: Caruso sound-absorbing panels have been conceived and designed to guarantee the best acoustic absorption performance, with special emphasis on their choice of materials.

    The internal sound-absorbing material is 50mm thick and available in two different types: Basotect® melamine resin by Basf® and Whisper® by Stratocell®. The latter is particularly recommended for environments with high humidity, such as swimming pools, changing rooms and canteens.

    Available in a wide range of colours, the finishing fabric is Oeko-Tex certified, while the internal sound-absorbing materials undergo repeated production checks to guarantee the highest quality and performance over time.

    The very favourable weight/surface ratio is essential for easy installation, but also for any removal and relocation needed to carry out regular maintenance work at the venue, e.g. painting. Safe and user-friendly fastening systems make installation easy.


    One of the principles behind all of Caruso’s production experience is the synergy between acoustics and lighting. The integration of modern LED lighting systems into sound-absorbing panels is a highly interesting specification on the market which Caruso has been able to achieve. Guaranteeing the correct light output through lighting technology calculations means meeting customers’ needs and offering them effective applications based on different power and angle parameters for the beam of light.

    flag light prodotto acceso bianco


    Flag sound-absorbing panels are available in 11 standard sizes that allow them to be adjusted to any acoustic and architectural requirements. They can be assembled horizontally or vertically, either on tracks or hung from the ceiling by thin cables.

    Panels with special measurements can be made upon request for specific project requirements.

    caruso modelli flag

    Flag in adherence or hanging to the ceiling


    Conference halls, classrooms, libraries, restaurants, bars, sports arenas, gyms, businesses and offices: acoustic and lighting comfort designed by Caruso is available for every environment thanks to this product’s great versatility.


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