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    9 July 2018
    Caruso Acoustic for Faces SpA, Marcon (Venice, Italy)

    Caruso Acoustic for Faces SpA, Marcon (Venice, Italy)

    Faces SpA, an important company, which operates on the high-quality foundry market at national and international level since 1977, has chosen Caruso Acoustic sound-absorbing panels for its headquarters in Marcon, in the province of Venice.

    In workplaces and, in particular, in areas dedicated to collective activities, acoustics plays a fundamental role in ensuring a good space liveability according to its intended use.

    Starting from a preliminary analysis, which has detected the reverberation times of each room, Caruso Acoustic has developed an acoustic correction project able to satisfy liveability and comfort requirements.

    The supply concerned three different areas: a multipurpose room, a conference room and the technical office. In the first room, the hanging Silente panels with integrated LED ceiling lights, the ideal solution for a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, have been distributed uniformly over the room surface. Moreover, the choice of many fabric colours has allowed to meet design and aesthetic requirements, thus giving a touch of originality to the room.

    Elegant compositions of Nuvola sound-absorbing panels with integrated linear LED lighting system have been installed in the other rooms. The hooking system by means of adjustable cables has allowed to place the panels at the optimal height in order to reduce the noise and to light up the working stations.

    To complete this project, some hanging Silente panels with LED lighting system have also been placed into the hallway linking the offices with the warehouse to light up properly this passage area.

    The project designed for Faces SpA is a complete and complex project, which highlights the functionality and customisation of Caruso Acoustic products, as well as the company’s technical expertise in developing bespoke projects according to specific aesthetic and technical requirements of the customer.


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