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    A good acoustic design

    When you talk about comfort in bars, restaurants and pubs, you think of the quality of the service offered and how comfortable these venues are. In these situations, acoustics plays a key role in making rooms welcoming, where customers can feel at ease. Without good acoustic design, we would be forced to raise the tone of our voice, adding to the commotion and the subsequent frustration and stress. Good acoustic design can help considerably improve the living conditions of a closed venue to the benefit of both the customer, who will be more likely to come back, and the staff, who will work better.  Caruso Acoustic solutions are functionally and aesthetically adapted to the widest range of businesses.

    Menhir is a practical, fresh solution in terms of its form; its adaptability makes it an excellent sound-absorbing element for low frequencies. Furthermore, since it is not fixed to the ground, Menhir can be moved depending on the acoustic requirements. The smallest version comes with a cover that can be used as a shelf for plants or magazines.

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    • Date Taken : January , 24 2014


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